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Where Is Homeschooling Legal in Europe

Spain is the perfect example of how homeschooling laws are in a period of discussion and transition. Poland: In Poland, homeschooling is legal in the region with the permission of a school principal. Parents must submit documentation to the principal. Homeschooled students in Poland must take exams and can obtain school-leaving diplomas from their local school. Homeschooling has not grown as much in South America as it has in the North American countries of Canada and the United States. Brazil, however, is an exception. By 2021, there will be at least 35,000 homeschooled students. [127] Interest in homeschooling has increased by 36% each year. [128] Yes, homeschooling families and those who are citizens of other countries are eligible and invited to apply for HSLDA membership. Iceland: Homeschooling is legal, but different from what it used to be.

In the 18th century, it was mandatory for parents to homeschool their children, but now parents must have a teaching certificate. Homeschooled students in Iceland are supervised and assessed. The Supreme Court ruled that homeschooling was constitutional, but it was necessary. The state of Parana [11] and the Distrito Federal [12] have already legalized homeschooling. The state of Rio Grande do Sul passed a law legalizing homeschooling, but the state`s governor vetoed it. [125] Federal legislation is pending. [126] A married couple, a Brazilian mother, and an American father, were investigated in 2010 by the government of the city of Serra Negra, São Paulo, for homeschooling their children. Local authorities were informed by an anonymous source that the couple`s two daughters were not going to school. The prosecution hoped to reach an agreement with the family to enrol the children in formal schools.

[131] Only holders of teaching qualifications are legally entitled to teach. In other cases, public education is mandatory. Homeschooling is legal under restrictive conditions, provided that the education is at least the same as that of public school. Homeschooling is only legal if the home teacher has a teaching diploma. [212] Switzerland: Homeschooling is legal in Switzerland, but laws vary from canton to canton. Students are usually required to take exams in mathematics, French, and German. And inspectors should check their homes at least once a year. Here`s a full list of all countries where homeschooling isn`t legal, followed by a helpful image that interprets this data on a world map. After that, you will find reviews and details from different countries where information is available on this topic.

Homeschooling is a decision parents make for their children, often based on their religious and moral beliefs. However, all parents are required to ensure that their children have access to education from an early age. This is recommended by the constitution of all countries in the world. Many states also have their own education laws. “Compulsory education” does not necessarily mean “compulsory education”. In some countries, homeschooling is a complement to compulsory schooling, in others it is considered a fully-fledged education system. You may have heard a rumour that a bill is being considered to ban homeschooling in France. This only reached a very early stage of the French judicial process and was rejected in March 2014. Homeschooling was legal in Croatia in 1874,[163][164][165] when Croatian law stipulated that parents were obliged to raise their children at home or at school. The child had to take an exam in a public school at the end of each school year. However, the freedom of homeschooling is threatened in Kenya because a new education law has been proposed that does not take into account homeschooling.

[120] Homeschooling is legal in the UK. Parents are required by law to ensure that their children receive “effective, full-time education appropriate to their age, abilities and abilities. for any special educational needs they may have, either through regular school attendance or otherwise. [250] Parents are not required to inform local authorities that they are homeschooling. [251] There is no general exception for religious or educational reasons; Exceptions are allowed for serious illnesses, children of diplomats and rarely for working children such as actors. [206] The last petition to the Bundestag to release the penalty for homeschooling adults was rejected. [207] Since 2003, primary education has been compulsory under the Compulsory Education Act.