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Who Is the President of the Law Society

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Nick has represented Leeds` legal powerhouse on the Bar Council since 2015 and was President of the Leeds Bar during its 150th anniversary and much of the pandemic. Nick Emmerson is Vice-President of the Law Society. Lubna will take steps to remove barriers faced by people in society trying to enter the profession or advance their careers. This includes working with our network of judge lawyers to promote alternative career paths. On Wednesday 12 October, Lubna Shuja became the 178th President of the Law Society of England and Wales. Nick Emmerson took over as Vice President and Richard Atkinson became Vice-President. “During my presidential year, I intend to do everything in my power to help lawyers, their firms or businesses succeed despite these pressures. For more information, please email councilsupportunit@lawsociety.com.au. Lubna presents the Vice President`s Medal to Nick Emmerson at the 2022 Annual General Meeting. He will become the 179th president in October 2023. Requests for the President`s media interviews should be directed to the Law Society of New South Wales Media Adviser on 0417 788 947 or mobile damien.smith@lawsociety.com.au.

Lubna Shuja is the 178th, first Asian woman, first Muslim woman and seventh woman president of the Law Society of England and Wales. Check out Lubna`s presidential plan for the coming year on the 22nd. In July 2022, the Society uploaded a music video for 《Love for Hong Kong – 法治新一代》, “a song dedicated to learning and protecting the rule of law in public, especially among young people,” on its official YouTube channel. The song was composed and written by former President Pang. The description of the video indicates that it featured the singing and dancing performance of the Eastern District Youth and Children`s Choir, a children`s group, outgoing President C.M. Chan and other council members. I. Stephanie Boyce is the 177th, sixth woman, first black incumbent, first person of colour and second in-house attorney in nearly fifty years to become president of the Law Society of England and Wales. Lubna will host a regular presidential practice open to all members and participate in the Law Society`s introductory tour that will take her across England and Wales to meet with members.

Akademi, a South Asian dance organization, performed at Lubna`s inauguration as president of the Law Society. “I am honoured to be President of the Law Society. I am taking on this role at a difficult time for the legal profession,” said Lubna. 12,000 lawyers participated in the London Legal Walk 2022. Lubna Shuja joined the then President I. Stephanie Boyce to celebrate the profession`s incredible fundraising efforts. To ensure that the economic, social and cultural contributions of the justice system are recognized, she will lead a project to reshape the way we talk about the rule of law so that people better understand and value its fundamental contribution to our society. In 2020, Stephanie was named to the Governance Hot 100 – Board Influencer and was featured on the UK Power List 100 Most Influential Black People in 2021. I. Stephanie Boyce is Vice-President of the Law Society and a member of the Council of the Women Lawyers Division. In 2014, the company filed its first motion of no confidence in its president for his stated support for the PRC`s White Paper on Autonomy of Cities, in which patriotism was a prerequisite for the territory`s judges.

[4] Ambrose Lam`s statement seemed to contradict the sentiments of its members, thousands of whom marched in response to the White Paper. [5] More than 100 petitioners protested Lam`s politicization of the Law Society and called on Lam to withdraw his comments and reaffirm his support for the independence of the judiciary. The author of the no-confidence vote expected Lam to be able to tap into a large pool of proxy votes in his defense. [6] At a meeting called for August 14, 2014, Lam suffered a surprise defeat in the non-binding vote calling on him to resign. [7] The motion was adopted by a vote of 2,392 to 1,478, with almost half of the members voting in person or by proxy. [5] There have been complaints from members who have been subject to outside pressure from Chinese companies, the central government liaison office, and members of the CPPCC National Committee. [7] Lam resigned on August 19, 2014, without apologizing or withdrawing. At the Law Society`s Annual General Meeting in October 2021, Lubna wears ceremonial gowns for her official investiture as Vice President.

As President, I will help our members not only navigate and survive the difficult times ahead, but also thrive among them. I will continue to defend the rule of law, challenge legislative changes and ensure that, regardless of their means, background or position in society, those who need it have access to a lawyer. The Law Society of Hong Kong is the professional association founded in 1907 and the Hong Kong Bar Association. The Hong Kong Bar Association is the equivalent association of Hong Kong lawyers. This is the first time there will be two consecutive women presidents as I. Stephanie Boyce`s term comes to an end. The Bar Hall is located at 113 Chancellery Avenue and is the main building of the Bar. Built in 1832, the building is classified as a historical monument. The architect was Lewis Vulliamy. An extension in 1902-04 was designed by Charles Holden.

[7] In addition to the staffed offices, the building is used for Law Society conferences and events, and parts of the building are available for events on a private rental basis. [8] A president is elected each year for one year. The current president is I. Stephanie Boyce. [1] He is a member of the Home Office`s Advisory Council on Police and Criminal Evidence, the National Disclosure Forum and the Crown Court Improvement Group. Michelle has extensive experience advising and representing clients in internal and external matters and in legal forums, as well as providing specialized training in her areas of activity. Michelle won the 2016 Lexology, International Law Office Client Choice Award for Employment and Benefits. Richard specializes in serious and complex criminal matters.

He is a superior court lawyer who has appeared in a number of high-profile cases, including murder, serious sexual offences, fraud and high-value drug cases. During Nick`s presidency, the Law Society of Leeds demonstrated its resilience by hosting its first innovative online conference on diversity and inclusion, with the support of the Law Society. He also advises high-potential companies in the legal technology sector and has served on numerous boards of directors in various sectors. Lubna outlined the five main goals of her presidency in a speech to board and committee members at our AGM. The Bar Association is currently headed by President C. M. Chan (陳澤銘) and is located on the third floor of the Wing On House in Central. [1] Applications will be evaluated by a three-member selection panel and the successful candidate will be determined. It is chaired by the President of the Bar.

“Whatever the size of your business, wherever you are, whatever stage of your career and your area of law. If you are concerned about that, we are concerned about that. If it concerns you as a lawyer, it affects us. Michelle`s hands-on experience in three jurisdictions and her participation on the boards of two professional regulatory bodies and several of their committees have helped her advise clients, particularly in the public and regulatory sectors. Michelle is a Senior Partner at ByrneWallace LLP. She leads the firm`s public sector group, is a compliance partner and a partner in the employment law team. Michelle advises public and private clients, particularly employers, in complex areas of employment, gender equality and administrative law. Lubna will also support our Welsh members by promoting a much better understanding of the opportunities and responsibilities faced by all organisations under the Welsh Language Act 1993. Michelle has chaired the Law Society`s Education and Finance Committees, Audit Sub-Committee and Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. Michelle was educated at Loreto Convent Letterkenny in County Donegal and studied law at Queen`s University Belfast.

Michelle qualified as a lawyer in Northern Ireland in 1994 and practised employment and equality law at McClure & Co before moving to England and Wales in 1996 to practise employment and equality law with Thompsons Solicitors until returning to Ireland in 1999 where she joined Byrne Wallace LLP. The Terms and Conditions of Sale are published by the Law Society to provide a standard set of rules and expectations for the sale and purchase of residential properties in England and Wales. As a contractual instrument, they aim to establish the “legal rights and obligations” of both parties to a transaction. [60] The fifth (current) edition was originally published in 2011,[61] and revised in 2018. [60] The majority of residential property sales are subject to these conditions. [62] People can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else through the President`s Medal nomination portal. Current members of the Law Society are excluded from nomination. Each application must be accompanied by documents that: Lubna met Mark Davies, President of the Law Society`s National Council for Wales (left), Mick Antoniw MS, Welsh General Councillor and Minister for the Constitution (centre left) and Gareth Jones, Deputy President of the National Council for Wales (right), at an event on the transformation of legal services.