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Springfield Hellcat Legal in Massachusetts

The Art Gallery of Ontario will also not enforce the law against a gun dealer who possesses or transfers a “copied or duplicated” weapon acquired on or before July 20, 2016, provided that the transfers, if any, are made to individuals or businesses in states where possession of the weapon is legal. I looked at a few different guns and the hell cat caught my eye. It comes standard with 11 or 13th clips, both of which are illegal here in the MA. I didn`t know if anyone had experience finding one? What did that process look like? Is there an FFL that someone recommends that works with customers to secure these weapons and helps them ensure they are compliant? Every discussion and consultation is appreciated! Full disclosure, I`ve never done it myself, and I`m not 100% sure if it`s completely legal or just one thing under the radar, but I know a lot of people get Glocks. So if you`re interested, I`d reach out to an MA FFL and see what their process is, maybe ask if there are any NH weapons deals they`re working with. Firearms that are legal in the state of Massachusetts according to the information we have. It is IMPORTANT that you check with your local dealer first to verify and validate this information if the laws change, and this is neither legal guidance nor legal advice. It`s probably legal because they wouldn`t risk their FFL license. No. However, a weapon manufactured as an assault weapon cannot be legalized by modifications that allow it to discharge .17 or .22 calibre ammunition.

No. The fact that a firearm has been marked as “state compliant” or “Massachusetts compliant” by the manufacturer does not make it legal to purchase and possess the firearm in Massachusetts. Banning a weapon depends on whether it meets the definition of assault weapon in state law. A weapon is a prohibited “copy or duplicate” if it meets one of the criteria included in the enforcement notice. Many FFLs perform frame transfer, which is a kind of workaround for this. The idea is that you go to NH, buy the gun, they give you the slide, barrel and reversing spring and you take them with you. Since the carcass is legally a firearm, they transfer it to an FFL MA, who can transfer it to you. You can also consult the instruction manual and marketing materials for a weapon. If a weapon is marked or marketed as “equal” or “similar” to an “AR-15”, “AK-47” or any other listed weapon, this strongly suggests that the weapon is prohibited as a “copy or duplicate”. A few weeks ago, there was a Hellcat listing on Armlist offered by a dealer here at the MA.

Technically, the process described here is to sell the frame and the rest in pieces. As for the chargers, he noticed that he dented them to allow only 10 laps. Height: 4 inches with Flush Mag; 4.5 inches with extended mag There are common, state, regional or local buyback programs. Check with your local police station. No. However, you can take orders for the sale of assault weapons to law enforcement officials, and you can obtain and possess these weapons from your dealer until you complete the transfer. If you do, you must retain sufficient information to verify that the transferee is a law enforcement officer. Massachusetts law prohibits the sale and possession of assault weapons. G.L. v. 140, §§ 128 and 131M.

The sale of a gun by a business that the purchaser is not authorized to possess also violates the state`s Consumer Protection Act, G.L. v. 93A. The 20. In July 2016, the Attorney General issued a Notice of Enforcement of the Prohibited Assault Weapons Act, providing guidance to firearms manufacturers, licensed dealers and the public on how to prohibit assault weapons. Specifically, the notice explains how the Attorney General identifies prohibited weapons as “copies” or “duplicates” of prohibited assault weapons listed in Massachusetts law. The purpose of this FAQ is to summarize the Notice of Enforcement. Yes. If the receiver is intended for a weapon that meets any of the criteria described above, it will be treated as an assault weapon and cannot be sold in Massachusetts. No. The Notice does not amend the law regarding the possession of assault weapons by law enforcement officers.

Your existing right to purchase and possess assault weapons remains protected by Massachusetts law. This list is not exhaustive. This is for illustrative purposes only. Many other weapons are not assault weapons or copies or duplicates of assault weapons. When I was working at the Springfield Armory Hellcat, I found it very accurate. Groups of five shots over 15 yards average about 1.5 inches, if that`s important to you. What impressed me the most was how the gun behaved when I put it to the test against benches made of steel plates. This gun quickly hits the target. I`m glad Springfield Armory has finally managed to make 10-shot magazines. Now that the hell cat is available to more of us, we may not feel so unhappy about where we want to live. So at a glance, it looks like they`re not on the approved list, so you can`t buy them directly from an FFL here in the state.

Yes. If a weapon is a copy or duplicate of one of the models listed in the writ of execution, it is a prohibited weapon, even if it does not have certain features such as a lightning suppressor and a foldable stock. In other words, a weapon that meets one of the tests is an assault weapon – even if its lightning suppressor is removed and/or its rod is fixed in a fixed position. Now there`s a Springfield Armory Hellcat for the rest of us. Springfield Armory has announced that it will offer 10-round Hellcat and Hellcat OSP pistols. These new offerings offer those in locations with limited capacity the opportunity to own this micro-compact concealed carrying gun. The Art Gallery of Ontario expects the assault weapons ban to be fully enforced, as explained in the Notice of Execution, but will apply Commonwealth laws in civil or criminal proceedings if arms dealers or individuals fail to comply. Yes.

If you purchased the weapon before July 20, 2016, you can return it to the manufacturer, who can return it to you after repair or replacement. As explained in the notice, “copies” or “copies” of prohibited assault weapons include semi-automatic weapons that can hold a detachable ammunition magazine and pass one of the following tests: I tested the Springfield Armory Hellcat when it was introduced in 2019 and was very impressed. Here is a 9mm Luger pistol with an 11+1 capacity with a flush magazine and a 13+1 capacity with the elongated magazine included. Still, this micro-compact was the size of most 9mm single-stack pistols or 380 cars with six or seven round stock mags. It surpassed the popular SIG Sauer P365 and was touted as the world`s most powerful 9mm micro-compact. MSRP: standard model of $569; $599 for OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) Personally, I think it`s much easier to buy a gun that you can buy here at MA. There are many good options. According to Massachusetts law, assault weapons are defined in several ways. Among other things, the law establishes a list of weapons by make and model that are prohibited. The law further stipulates that “copies or duplicates” of listed weapons are also prohibited. Separately, there is a list of features that make some assault weapons.

The enforcement notice explains how the Art Gallery of Ontario will enforce a law – the assault weapons ban – passed in 1998 to protect public safety. With the release of the notice, the Attorney General hopes and expects non-compliant arms dealers to voluntarily comply with the law in order to minimize the need for criminal or civil enforcement. The Attorney General`s Notice of Enforcement describes two tests that the AGO uses to identify weapons that are “copies or duplicates” because these weapons are similar enough to be considered “imitators” of the listed weapons. The problem for me at the time was that I had to go to Springfield Armory`s headquarters in Geneseo, Illinois, to test the weapon. They could not ship it with these high-capacity chargers to my home state, which has unreasonable restrictions on the capacity of the chargers. Now, with the introduction of this “low capacity” model — and 10+1 is not a small capacity — more shooters across the country will be able to consider the Hellcat as their choice for a concealed transport gun. And with the new regime in power, we can expect to limit the capacity of pistol magazines nationwide. Thus, 10-round magazines could become the norm for all of us.

However, this limits the visors you can mount to those that have the footprint of JP Enterprises` JPoint and Shield RMSc. The list of large capacity firearms contains weapons that were originally manufactured for the civilian retail market as wide-body firearms.