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Singapore Academy of Law Rules

As a statutory body, SAL also performs statutory tasks such as participation services and the appointment of senior lawyers, commissioners for oaths and notaries. The law does not operate in a vacuum; It affects everyone in society. As a promoter and developer of Singapore`s legal industry, SAL wants to connect all members of the legal community with each other and with the public. Through our activities, we facilitate the exchange of ideas and perspectives, expand the intellectual capital of the profession and foster camaraderie within the legal community. We also connect our members with the knowledge they need to do their jobs well through annual conferences, conferences, seminars, workshops and moot court competitions. Highlights include the SLA Distinguished Speaker Series and the Annual Lecture Series. The valuable relationships we have nurtured have created public-private partnerships and established thought leadership in key areas of law and jurisprudence. The SAL is headed by a Senate headed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, composed of the Attorney General, the Supreme Court and key leaders from the various branches of the legal profession. It has over 14,000 members, including the judiciary, of all persons acting as counsel and advocate of the Supreme Court (i.e. The Bar Association) or appointed legal officers, in-house legal counsel, faculty members of the three local law faculties (National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Management and Singapore University of Social Sciences) and foreign lawyers in Singapore. The Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) serves as a knowledge hub for the legal community, providing practitioners with world-class information and insights that underpin the excellence of Singaporean law. We acquire and organize knowledge and disseminate it on multiple platforms daily, weekly and monthly. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for providing comprehensive and up-to-date legal content.

The suite of tools available on LawNet offers lawyers an unparalleled combination of information and services not available on any other portal. Academy Publishing provides affordable legal documents for the legal profession; and creates an alternative way for academics in our law schools to publish their writings and disseminate Singapore`s laws internationally. We provide free legal research and databases to thousands of users in Singapore and other Commonwealth countries, including the UK, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as China and the US: The Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) is a funding and development agency for Singapore`s legal industry. Our vision is to make Singapore the legal centre of Asia. SAL helps our members build capacity by equipping them with the tools and technologies they need to stay abreast of the many challenges they face in today`s rapidly changing global environment. Skill building – whether in narrow areas of law or in general leadership – is essential for law firms to hone their competitive advantage and make a difference. SAL`s Legal Technology Vision is a call to action to all industry players to be part of the disruption facing the profession today. We will intensify our efforts to ensure that members, particularly small and medium-sized law firms, embrace technology and explore innovative digital concepts in their work. Our Legal Industry Framework for Training and Education (LIFTED) program is designed to help members identify and develop core and professional competencies in their respective areas of practice. We work with industry stakeholders to develop tailored programs that encourage development, experimentation and innovative thinking. In addition to the conferences, seminars and workshops organized by SAL, our Singapore International Academy for Dispute Resolution provides educational, research and advisory services in the areas of dispute resolution and negotiation. Our training programs go beyond legal education.

The SAL-INSEAD Leadership Program is specifically designed to address the business challenges faced by legal partners and enable them to build sustainable legal practices in this new era. Lawyers who have achieved the required standards and services are recognized by our specialized accreditation programs, which certify their expertise and experience in a specific area of law. The highest honour, the appointment of senior counsel, is awarded to high-calibre practitioners with professional integrity. SAL also awards prizes and scholarships to deserving law students and lawyers and sends them for overseas attachments. SAL provides the spark to spark creative thinking and innovative solutions in the legal industry. Our Future Law Innovation program is an industry-wide program aimed at developing the legal service delivery model in the future economy along four dimensions: technology, business model, knowledge and regulation. FLIP encourages the adoption of technology by the profession, tests a new business model focused on innovation for future law, and seeks to sow the seeds of Singapore`s legal technology community. We are also creating a virtual community platform that extends FLIP`s activities to those who are not physically in the coworking space and holds FLIP attendees in their hands through a proven innovation process.

Our vision for legal technology is a comprehensive plan to prepare the industry for the digital disruption ahead. This vision paper summarizes the ongoing efforts of SAL, the Ministry of Justice and the Law Society of Singapore to promote the adoption of legal technology. SAL`s Innovation & Ideas program goes one step further to bring good ideas to life by providing funding, advice and “light” oversight. SAL works with our stakeholders to set new precedents for excellence in Singaporean law by developing thought leadership, world-class infrastructure and legal solutions. Our mandates are to strengthen the intellectual capital of the legal profession by improving legal literacy, raising the international profile of Singaporean law, promoting Singapore as a dispute resolution hub, and improving the standards and efficiency of legal practice through ongoing professional development and the use of technology.